My Bible Primer ABC


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An updated and modernized version of The New England Primer alphabet from the 18th century.

My Bible Primer ABC is an updated and modernized version of the New England Primer alphabet rhyme. The New England Primer became a textbook for children among colonists and early Americans in the 18th century. It was created by the Puritans who made settlement in Boston, Massachusetts.

The contents of this printable was taken from the 1777 and 1805 revised editions of the New England Primer. The first known versions of the Primer only contained 24 letters of the alphabet, which did not include the letters I and U. This is said to be a great influence of the Latin language, which made no difference between the letters I/J and U/V. I included the contents for the letter V from the latter version of the Primer. And added new content for the letter I, where it was missing in both editions.

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