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Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise.

Martin Luther

Plato believes that music can move our emotions and wrote that educating through music “through habits, by imparting by the melody a certain harmony of spirit that is not science, and by rhythm, measure and grace.”

Music brings harmony and instills virtue. Thus, music selections should not merely serve our pleasure. But it should serve a greater purpose of making the listener familiar with well-ordered emotions. After all, one of the highest objectives of education is ordo amoris, the ordering of our loves.

Music is also a useful tool to help impress truth, goodness, and beauty into our hearts. With this in mind, I’ve compiled a couple of playlists for our own homeschool and I’m sharing it with you to help bring this into your homes.

Raising Covenant Children

Catechism and Bible-based songs for Reformed kids

Covenant Kids

Children’s Catechism and Related Songs to help catechumens

The Classical Preschool

Rhythm songs and memory work for children ages 2-4 years old

Filipino Songs

Filipino folks songs for the Pinoy homeschooler

Children’s Stories and Audiobooks

A compilation of stories and plays

Music Appreciation

Classical music for your classical homeschooler


Latin songs for your classical curriculum


Come Weary Saints

Songs to lift your hearts to hope in Jesus

I recommend that you follow these lists on Spotify. I constantly update them whenever I find new resources. Please also feel free to suggest songs that I could add to these lists.

I’d be glad to hear how these playlists have helped your homeschool (and beyond).



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