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Homeschool Notion Planning

FREE Notion Templates for Homeschool Planning (Updated)

Ever since I’ve shared this blog post about how I use Notion for homeschool, I’ve had several inquiries and messages from people who benefited from it.

I want to help parents as much as I possibly can, so I’ve edited more templates that I use for myself into their bare minimum (without all my extra content) format which you may duplicate and edit as you see fit. I understand that Notion and other organizing platforms only work well if it is managed according to how your brain works, so please feel free to start with these resources and edit as you go.

Last updated on July 8, 2021

Weekly Routine (4-Day Schedule)

I have made a similar template available in my previous post, but I edited it to remove the links to unavailable database so as not to confuse first time users. This first template is a four-day Weekly Routine format because we follow this scheduling.

This template also includes Basket Time reads which you can drag to the Weekly Routine when you find an open slot. I’ve also included space to input and reflect on some Evidences of Grace (or Growth) which you have observed in your child or in your own homeschool journey. I think it’s a wise practice to always see the good in whatever situation.

Weekly Routine (5-Day Schedule)

Since I have received a couple of requests for a five-day Weekly Routine schedule, I have finally gotten around to making it available. It is very much the same in content as the one above with the exception of an additional day, which begins on Monday.

Please find the template below for your perusal.

Grading and Portfolio Template

Sort by Grades (Table View)

This grading system follows the Department of Education‘s guidelines which include Written Work, Performance Tasks and Quarterly Assessment for every quarter. The template is set at Table view for easy input of the Grades.

Once you select the Gallery view which I renamed as Portfolio, you will be able to preview the photos which you have attached in the File section for easy viewing. These blocks are empty since I have not provided any samples here.

Sort by Portfolio (Gallery View)

Perhaps I’ll make a ready-made grades and portfolios table for each quarter next time. However, you can easily do that yourself once you figure out the Sort or Filter option.

What I would do is make one Grading & Portfolio page per subject. Just duplicate this template as many as you can depending on the number of your subjects per grade level. Not only that, make sure to edit the column tables (by adding or removing what is needed) in order to reflect the rubrics provided by your school or homeschool provider.

Basic Lesson Plan

Sorted by Materials (Gallery View)

Another template which I have used a lot once I started using Notion for homeschool planning is this Lesson Plan template which can be sorted in different ways, depending on your needs.

One thing that I’ve tried to figure out is to make the Progress visible by providing percentage and progress bars. It’s helpful for me to see where we are.

Sorted by Status (Board View)
Sorted by Progress (Table View)

I provided a sample Lesson Plan for “Cicadas” from the Nature Studies for Young Readers, which will also show you how you can use Notion to embed documents, videos and links for easy access. I write more about this in my previous blog entry, if you haven’t read that yet.

Term/Quarter Planner

If you’re not keen on having a weekly planner, another template I’ve created is the Term Planner or Quarter Planner.

I’ve featured the painting for the Artist Study focus for 2021-22 suggested by AmblesideOnline as the covers for each term. When you click on each Term (or Quarter, if you are in the Philippines), it will show you a fairly simple layout displaying the Subject and the corresponding curriculum/book that you wish to use for each subject. I linked the “Curriculum” column to my Lesson Plan database (see above) and used the Relation property to pull up the data in that template.

The idea is that you manually type out the chapter or page that you plan to cover for each week and tick the check box when you’re done. You can also click on books in the Curriculum column and it’ll open up the Lesson Plans that you have created there. I’ve made 8 Weeks per Term/Quarter which is the usual timetable for those of us who homeschool in the Philippines. But please feel free to add more weeks, depending on your own homeschool.

Let me know what you think!

I would also love to hear more about how you have used these templates. So if you have any questions, comments or even suggestions, please write your comments below. You can also reach me through any of my social media accounts.




  • Jodi

    Thanks for sharing! I’ll try the weekly routine and grading/portfolio templates.

  • Jodi

    Since you offered, could you share a 5-day weekly template as well? Thank you!

    • Keren

      I’ll make one soon, Jodi! I’ll post it here when it’s ready.

    • Keren

      Hi, Jodi! I apologize, but this is long overdue. I just made the 5-day schedule available above.

  • Winlove

    Thank you so much! Super big help. I can put all the book links in one place and they’ll be organized too! I am duplicated your templates cuz I dunno where to start.

    • Keren

      I’m glad to know it’s helpful, Winlove!

  • shannon pouncy

    Did you ever make a 5 day weekly schedule? I couldnt find it and just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it

    • Keren

      Thank you for this reminder! I have just made the 5-day schedule available above.

  • Sophie

    Thanks for sharing! Didn’t really find Notion appealing before but now switching over to Notion from Google Keep haha

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