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God Made All Things (FREE Printable)

Get this FREE printable booklet about the creation account found in the first chapters of Genesis in the Bible.

  1. God made light (day and night).
  2. God made the heavens (clouds).
  3. God made land, water and plants.
  4. God made the sun, the moon, amd the stars.
  5. God made the birds of the air and living creatures (fishes) of the sea.
  6. God made livestock, creeping things and beasts. God made man.
  7. God rested.


  • Printer
  • Letter-Sized Paper (8.5″ x 11″)
  • Colored Paper (Art Paper)
  • Scissors
  • Crayons
  • Non-toxic Glue
  • Cotton Balls (Optional)
The cover page of the “God Made All Things” booklet includes a space for your child to write his or her name.
We used yellow art paper to signify light for Day 1.
One the second day, God created the heavens/firmanent. I used the cloud image to represent the heavens, and you may use cotton balls to decorate.
The rest of the pages are similar to this. We used a mix of art paper and crayons to decorate.
The seventh day of course is when God rested. I used the image of a relaxing drink to represent “rest”.

I know it is a bit unusual to use the above image to represent “rest.” Other images like “sleeping” or “ZZZ” came to mind as I was trying to design the seventh day. Then I realized that God doesn’t need to sleep. He doesn’t get tired. Instead, think of “rest” as someone on a vacation, having a refreshing drink while enjoying a beautiful view. God is all-powerful and self-sufficient. Rest, in this instance, means that our Creator enjoyed what He made. God is happy in Himself for what He has done.

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