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Why Choose to Homeschool in the Philippines?

If you’ve been following me on social media, you probably would have known that we have decided to formally homeschool our daughter, who is now 6 years old. We decided to go with a local provider so we could get accountability and proper guidance during our first year of homeschooling.

We did not want her schooling to get in the way of her love for learning.


It has not been an easy decision because she was enrolled in Kindergarten in one of the schools in the Metro. But we decided to pull her out of the system because it was no longer working for her. Our kindergartener was having a hard time catching up with the rest of her class when it involved spelling and numbers, even with the daily copy work. So together as a family, we decided to stop her schooling. We did not want her schooling to get in the way of her love for learning.

Some Reasons for Homeschooling


Our daughter is a bright and curious young lady. She is a creative thinker whose questions on life and theology can baffle an unsuspecting person. But she struggles with memory and focus, including difficulty in learning her letters and numbers. Choosing to homeschool her would allow us some flexibility by going at her own learning pace. As I have mentioned, we do not want stress caused by schoolwork to impede her curiosity for learning.


Metro Manila traffic can get crazy and the accumulated minutes spent on the road takes a lot of your time and energy. Not to mention the amount of time you allot to avoid heavy traffic in order to get to school on time. I am a firm believer that when children get enough sleep, they will have a clearer and more focused attention. Homeschooling would allow us to forge our own schedules in terms of learning pace or subject variations, as well as organizing our own timetable. Times are carved out based on the family and the individual’s needs.


Because our child has specific learning needs, one of our goals for our homeschool is to make each lesson varied, interactive, and engaging by the use of multisensory tools and materials that would aid optimum learning.


Having learned about the philosophy and goals of Classical Education, I have become an advocate even in the early years. By applying the educational principles akin to the Classical way, we are to hoping to train and teach our child according to how God made her using the lost tools of learning.

If our understanding of the world stems from our deep devotion to the Triune God and His Word, we will properly educate our children. True knowledge finds its roots in God’s revelation.



The beauty about homeschooling is that learning and parenting can go hand in hand. I do not have to switch my thinking caps during our homeschooling sessions. Instead, I am both parent and teacher all throughout the day. Other people may find it confusing. But I have understood my role as a parent as prophet, priest and king. Joel Beeke explains in his book, Parenting by God’s Promises:

This threefold office of prophet, priest, and king neatly encapsulates the key roles we parents must fulfill in the upbringing of our children… these roles are fulfilled in such holy tasks as teaching, training, interceding for, disciplining, and punishing our children.

Joel Beeke, Parenting by God’s Promises.

These roles still apply and do not change even when I am homeschooling my children.


Having sent our child to a non-sectarian school for two and a half years allowed us to see the difference of what it meant to grow up in an environment that is laid upon the foundations of Scriptures in contrast to an organization or authority figure that is not. There were ideas and values that were introduced that did not align with our Christian faith and belief. Yes, we are to equip our children regarding matters of faith and practice. But wouldn’t it be better if we are their primary source of information? If our understanding of the world stems from our deep devotion to the Triune God and His Word, we will properly educate our children. True knowledge find its roots in God’s revelation. And in any case, we point them to what the Bible says and exercise Christian wisdom or liberty when it is deemed necessary.

Having the great opportunity to homeschool our child would allow us to understand history, interact with scientific information, and relate with numerous facts through the lenses of God’s revelation, the Bible. Homeschooling would also allow us ample time to study and chew on doctrinal truths, and get a good foundation of Reformed theology.

How about you? What are your reasons for homeschooling?




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