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Reformation For Kids: Martin Luther Story & Coloring Book (FREE Printable)

Martin Luther has got to be my most favorite icon in church history. So much so that we named our daughter after his wife.

This is my first printable and I am excited to share it with you. I designed this primarily for families who want to teach their children about how God used a named Martin Luther to recover the wonderful truths of the Gospel. This was written with children ages 3-6 in mind which are basically the age range of my own children. You will find that I’ve included big pictures for coloring and some tracing work for little ones who are learning how to spell. Younger kids can definitely following along the story, while older children can read this for themselves. It would also be a fitting material to use for Sunday School class in the weeks leading up to Reformation Day.

It would make me happy to hear or see how you’ve used this material in your home at your church. Please feel free to tag me in any of my social media accounts, and use the hashtag #ReformationForKids.


Download the FREE printable Martin Luther Story Book and Coloring Book



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