Solas of the Reformation (Part 3) — Soli Deo Gloria



Teach your children the theological truths that came our during the Protestant Reformation with the Solas of the Reformation curriculum!

This is the last instalment in the series. This printable includes the last lesson on Soli Deo Gloria

It is recommended that you download and teach Part 1 and Part 2 before going through this last lesson.

Teach your children the theological truths that were constant themed during the Protestant Reformation with the Solas of the Reformation curriculum!

Each lesson includes a HOOK (A question to engage the listener), BOOK (A story from Scripture), LOOK (A closer look at the doctrine), and TOOK (Memory Verse, Suggested Songs, related Children’s Catechism Q/As, and links to Books and Resources). It also comes with a printable flag decor that kids can cut, color, decorate, and hang at home!

This curriculum is designed for children ages 6 to 10 years old.


NOT FOR SALE. Printing permission granted for home and ministry use only. You are not permitted to edit, distribute or store any of the contents without prior permission from the author.


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