My First Catechism Book, Q/A 1-5


My First Catechism Book was created for the littlest members of God’s covenant family. Learn the first five questions of the Children’s Catechism with matching activities at the end of each lesson to bring truth home!

Designed for children ages 2-4 years old. Special needs friendly.

My First Catechism Book was created for the littlest members of God’s covenant family!

The catechism questions and answers were taken from Catechism for young children, an introduction to the Shorter Catechism (1840) by John Engles.

This edition covers Q/A 1-5 of the catechism.


What’s inside?

  • Includes a simple cover design. The front cover was designed to be simple so that the child can personalize it however he/she likes. The line at the bottom of the cover is meant for the child to fill out with his name.
  • Traceable catechism questions and answers. The catechism answers are deliberately large and were made for preschoolers who are still practicing how to write their letters. Writing is optional for the littles, of course.
  • Follow-up activity after each catechism lesson. The activities which include drawing, coloring, singing, or memory verse memorization, were meant to explain and bring home the catechism lesson in the most simplest terms to preschool students.
  • Special needs friendly. Although these lessons are designed for preschool students, they could also work for children with special needs and/or learning disabilities. The lessons are short, the designs are simple, and the texts are big.


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