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Scholé Reads 2021

I’ve promised to read more widely this year, and I think I have achieved that after looking through my 2020 reading list. I’m happy to have gone beyond the twelve that I have set out to read, and have currently 18 books on my list of short achievements—which is quite a feat, after a short hiatus during the early months of pandemania, I should say. Although I have yet to finish two more books before the year ends, I do hope to stick by them just to round up the number to twenty for 2020. If not, I have gone beyond the goal of reading 12 books.

12 Books in 2021 Reading Challenge

My objective in coming up with my Scholé Reads is to learn to read widely and leisurely. The reading list would certainly go beyond twelve if I include homeschool curricula. But this is scholé reads—reading for leisure—so I won’t.

Even if I do not tick every single box in this list, but if I have learned to read beyond my usual comfort-zone category, which is theology, I would have accomplished what I have set out to do. So if you would like to join me in this quest, please feel free to adopt this reading challenge for yourself. Twelve books a year mean one book for each month, which is relatively reasonable and realistic for busy homeschooling moms.

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You may also print out the list, if you wish to keep track of it.


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