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Friday Favorites: Reformed Theology Podcasts

I realized that it has been a month or so since I’ve last posted my first Friday Favorites. I thought of a million ideas to post for this series, but I seem to go back to my top 5 favorite Reformed Theology podcasts. I am passionate about classical education hence the first feature on homeschool podcasts, but theology has always been my first love.

While I don’t get to listen to every episode from these podcasts, I try to catch up on interesting topics for my #ReformedMamaCulture when I find the time—which is usually late at night when the kids have finally slept.

Christ the Center

by Reformed Forum

What can I say? I am always indebted to Camden Bucey and the guests at the Reformed Forum for sharpening my discernment about certain tricky topics. Christ the Center is pitched at first-year seminary level, and it is a gateway to Reformed theology for friends who wish to dig deeper. Discussions in this podcast will help you realize that there is more to Reformed theology than just the five points. I think it would be safe to say that the Reformed Forum is the gold standard of Reformed theology podcasts in terms of the quality of production and conversations.

Jerusalem Chamber

Jerusalem Chamber is a podcast by four pastor friends who casually discuss the Westminster Confession of Faith. While the production is not the best out there, the conversations are friendly and often funny. You will learn a lot about confessional theology from listening to the podcast which is named after a room where the Westminster Assembly first met. What I appreciate most is the overall pastoral approach of these talks. Listen up and become a full subscriptionist!

Greystone Conversations

Greystone Conversations is the podcast of Greystone Theological Institute and is led by Dr. Mark Garcia. I recently got into this podcast upon the encouragement of my husband who subscribes to the Institute. The conversations assume that the listener already knows a lot of things about theological studies. Thus, I believe it is geared toward graduate or postgraduate studies. Each episode feels like a postgraduate lecture which some could easily charge for $20-50, but it’s free! I often feel overwhelmed with the amount of information that are being discussed that I am unaware of prior to tuning in. It also gives you a preview of what they offer in the Institute.

Mere Fidelity

Another podcast that I listen to in order to challenge and push myself to think is Mere Fidelity. It is not necessarily Reformed theology because the podcast discusses a wide range of topics from theology to politics. Like Greystone Conversations, they are unapologetic about geeking out about the people and ideas that they drop in the show. I love that they always aim to engage not just within the church, but with society and culture in general. Listening to Mere Fidelity has been helpful for me as I learn to navigate a world of ideas myself.

Confessing Our Hope

Confessing Our Hope is a podcast of GPTS, and I mostly listen to Faith & Practice episodes where Dr. Joey Pipa tries to answer questions from listeners. Just like the Jerusalem Chamber, I appreciate the pastoral concern that covers most of these conversations. If you want a good podcast to help you to flesh out all the Reformed theology that you have been learning (aside from Christian piety and fellowship with your local church, of course), this is a podcast that you need to listen to. The nuggets of wisdom that you can glean from years and years of pastoral and academic work from now president emeritus Dr. Pipa is priceless.

Did I miss anything? What are your favorite Reformed theology podcasts?



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