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Friday Favorites: Homeschool Podcasts

I’m starting a new series called Friday Favorites, featuring stuff that I enjoy. I hope you will love them too! It could be anything from parenting resources to homeschooling materials. I’ll try to sneak in some tips and tricks in between as well.

Twenty years ago, everyone had a blog. I started with Blogger myself back in 2001. Yes, the OG blogging platform. These days, anyone can start a podcast. The advent of the smartphone and then heightened by the global pandemic has made podcasting a possibility for many who are unlocking new skills at the comfort of their own homes. So for my very first Friday Favorites post, I’m featuring my top 5 favorite homeschool (mostly classical education) podcasts.

Scholé Sisters

Scholé Sisters is a podcast by Brandy Vencel, Mystie Winckler and Pam Barnhill. I am forever indebted to these ladies because they have become a big part of my homeschool journey. In a number of ways, Scholé Sisters has helped me understand the art of scholé in homeschooling—realizing how I need to learn and grow as I help my own children learn and grow. I am always challenged to read broadly and think deeply whenever I listen to their hearty conversations. But most of all, they give much encouragement to the homeschooling mama by helping her apply all these things faithfully.

However, the conversation doesn’t end there because they have created Scholé Sistership, a community for likeminded classical and Charlotte Mason moms to learn from each other. You can use my link to join the sistership!

Café Scholé

Café Scholé is a fairly new podcast of the CiRCE Podcast Network. It is hosted by one of my favorite teachers, Dr. Christopher Perrin of the Classical Academic Press. If you want to learn about the history and philosophy of Classical Christian Education, this informative podcast packaged in lively and relaxing talks is good for your soul. If you consider yourself homeschool geek, you will love this. And enjoy a good cup of coffee while you’re at it.

The Ask Andrew Podcast

Ever had questions about Classical Christian Education or homeschooling philosophy and pedagogy, but a little unsure whom to ask? I do. I have tons of unaswered questions! The Ask Andrew Podcast offers sage advice for those who are in the trenches of classical education and homeschooling. This podcast explores classical pedagogy in accessible terms. On top of that, Andrew Kern never fails to offer wise counsel for each question. I always come out inspired to do better after hearing him passionately speak about educating fellow human beings to the glory of God. Prepare to be mind-blown.

Your Morning Basket

If you hear the rooster crowing, you know that another good conversation is about to happen. Pam Barnhill is one of the Scholé Sisters and is the host of her own podcast, Your Morning Basket. Pam is an all-around advocate of morning time and has written a book called Better Together, dedicated to the practice of bringing truth, goodness, and beauty for your homeschool. You’ll enjoy a host of great topics and good advices every time you tune in. Perhaps make the podcast a part of your own morning basket at home for a refreshing start of each homeschool day!

Homeschool Conversations

Homeschool Conversations is not exactly a podcast, but a series of video interviews by second-generation homeschooling mom, Amy Sloan of Humility and Doxology. She interviews real-life homeschooling parents and educators, most of whom I look up to. The conversations are always engaging, and I always learn something new. Have a listen!

The Runners-Up

As much as I would like to listen to every podcast out there, my time is limited. I regularly listen to the ones that I’ve mentioned above, and those that I occasionally follow are listed below:

Ms. Nove Anne-Tan of iHomeschoolPH also offers many video interviews and homeschool helps in her Facebook page. If you plan to homeschool in the Philippines, her page is well worth a follow. Her seasoned counsel will get you on the right track as you start your own homeschooling journey.

I am certainly looking forward to adding to this podcast list as I discover more local productions! I am excited to be hearing fresh conversations from a number of Instagram friends. If you know of any good ones, please list them down in the comments below.

As I’ve mentioned, the pandemic has produced a lot of content creators. I also took a whack at “podcasting” when the lockdown was first implemented way back in March, but I merely came up with a preview.

I doubt that I will ever be brave enough to venture out with a real full episode. But who knows?

What are your favorite homeschool podcasts?



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