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Five Frugal Finds For Your Homeschooling Needs

Frugal Finds for less than a Hundred Pesos

I’ve been fixing up our study room for a new homeschool year that is coming in July. And I thought Id’s share a few finds that have become mainstays in our homeschool daily repertoire after a friend and newbie homeschool mom asked me if I could give a list of essential supplies.

Practicing frugality doesn’t necessarily equate to being a cheapskate. Instead, being frugal is the wise and careful use of the resources God has bestowed upon us by choosing things that have greater value for money. Be that as it may, your inner Jessica Huang will thank you because all these materials are less than a hundred pesos! *Happy Asian Dance*

NOTE: I bought these materials long before the COVID pandemic. The prices I’ve listed here were from a year or two ago, or even more.

Organizing Bins

I replaced my rainbow colored bins with these wonderfully clean-looking organizers! I keep our most used books and textbooks in these plastic organizing bins for easy access. It’s looks neat when you line them up in a row because it’s translucent. These bins would also look great in your room if you’re after a minimalistic aesthetic.

WHERE TO GET THEM: Japan Home Center (I bought ours from their Ayala Malls the 30th branch)
PRICE: ₱88.00

Pen Organizer

It is a pen organizer or a shower caddy? Or both? Whatever it is, it’s an easy-reach container to organize pens, crayons, and the like. The four slots will help you sort through the pens aplenty! Grab the caddy when you’re about to start. Then keep it in a safe place when you don’t need it anymore.

WHERE TO BUY: American Bazaar
PRICE: ₱66.00

Pen Stand

Okay, you may not really need this if you already have a pen caddy like the previous one. But this pen stand made of up-cycled wood has been instrumental in fostering the creative juices in my children. Perhaps it’s because they have easy access to these coloring tools and other materials around our homeschool room. I’ve also added stickers for the primary and second colors so they know how to return the pencils and arrange them according to the colors of the rainbow. Plus, it looks great on top of the counter!

Before you could say anything, I am well aware of how dangerous pointed pens are. My children know their way around these tools and have been using them safely for years now.

I bought these many years ago from a pop-up store at UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. It’s not available in their online store, but perhaps you could have it made to order. It was about a dollar when I first found it.

WHERE TO BUY: Kahoy-an Furniture Store
PRICE: ₱50.00

Wooden Clothes Pins

It’s not exactly a fabulous find because laundry clothes pins are basic and ordinary. But I hope this feature could make you see them in a whole new way.

I buy a lot of wooden laundry pins, big and small ones, because I use for it for a lot of things. They’re not exactly the most sturdy lot, so it’s good to have some stock in your storage for backup. I use clothes pins as bookmarks. My older child knows which page she needs to do next as she flaps the workbook open. The finished pages are pinned and out of the way, and she could get started. On the other hand, my younger child uses clothes pins as his craft material. He decorates, colors, or makes different creatures out of these pins along with popsicle sticks. These versatile pins can also be used as a therapy tool for practicing the pincer grip—an essential milestone in the early years! There are literally tons of activities using laundry clothes pins. A quick search on Pinterest would do the trick!

And why did I pick the wooden variant over the plastic ones? It just looks better, that’s all.

WHERE TO BUY: Supermarket or Shopee
PRICE: prices vary

Avanti K-12 Color Coding Writing Notebook

Hands down, this is the best writing notebook for K to Grade 3 that is locally available in the Philippine market, so far.

Back in my day, writing notebooks were made for younger children and the composition notebooks were geared for older grades. I’m not exactly sure if the standards remain the same today. However, the writing notebooks you’ll find in bookstores usually have very thin lines, which makes it very difficult or even impossible for unskilled hands to write properly. Maybe your children are excellent writers, but this find happened to be quite a discovery when I handed it to my dyslexic child. Sure, pad papers are cheaper, but the quality isn’t as good. On the other hand, loose handwritten works could easily get lost unless you compile them properly. And as the meme lady would say, “Ain’t nobody got time that for that!”

These writing notebooks by Avanti are in a different league because they actually have big lines, similar to that of Grade one pad papers. We use them for copywriting and dictation practice. Probably not the best choice if you wish to keep them forever. But, trust me, your younger children will write better with bigger lines!

WHERE TO BUY: Lazada or SM Department Store
PRICE: ₱39.75 each

Those are my five frugal finds for your homeschooling needs. I hope this was a helpful post. Let me know what you think in the comments.



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