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Homeschool 101: Free Classical Curricula

If you are looking to start homeschooling or if you are exploring resources that you would like to supplement your child’s education in whatever context, here are some curriculum suggestions which you may use to start a Classical and/or Charlotte Mason home education.

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Under the Home

Under the Home is a K-4 homeschool curriculum that is inspired by Charlotte Mason principles. It uses classical grammar and arithmetic materials like Ray’s Arithmetic, McGuffey’s Eclectic Readers, and many more.

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AmblesideOnline aims to provide a “free curriculum designed to be as close as possible to the curriculum that Charlotte Mason used in her own PNEU schools.” It has garnered an almost cult-following among some Charlotte Mason homeschoolers because of its extensive and praiseworthy booklist from Year 0 (Kindergarten) up to Year 12 (Grade 12). Any classical homeschooler will benefit from the feast presented in the Ambleside curriculum, which follows the classical tradition and practical principles offered by Miss Mason.

The Classical Curriculum

The Classical Curriculum boasts of a complete classical curriculum that can used for home and school settings for all levels of a K-12 education, including suggested electives.

The Classical Curriculum is different. It not only teaches a student how to think and reason critically, but also provides a substantive base of knowledge, resulting in a well-rounded, culturally literate individual.   For example, studies show that detailed knowledge of Latin not only augments a student’s vocabulary by at least 30,000 words (more than any other foreign language is able), but also refines his English grammar, sharpens his reasoning skills, and gives him a deeper appreciation of the Western Canon.

The Great Books reading list is a good reference for a classical education. It must be noted that some of the books that they suggest in the curriculum must be purchased. But a number of materials are readily available online.

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Gentle + Classical

Gentle + Classical offers classical and Charlotte Mason curriculum which includes the Children’s Catechism, memory verses, social studies, science lessons, nature studies, and many more! Best of all, Erin Cox generously offers the curriculum guide for FREE, along with the Gentle + Classical Nature curriculum.

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Heritage Classical Curriculum

Heritage History offers a “traditional” history curriculum:

The Heritage Classical Curriculum is unique among World History courses. We promote it as a “traditional” history program, not because it is our idea of what an old-fashioned history course might look like, but because it is based entirely on student histories that were widely read in the early 20th century. Our books have all of the virtues of traditional, patriotic, story-based histories and the imperfections of their own age rather than the errors of ours.

It also showcases a wide collection of over 500 works for classical studies in different levels. It includes classical histories, biography, related tales, and so much more! It is a treasure trove for history lovers and homeschoolers alike.

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Gateway to the Classics

Gateway to the Classics is exactly what it sounds like. It opens a world of classic books, stories, poems and songs. If you can think about a Charlotte Mason feast, it would not be without one or more of these classics.

One thing that I appreciate is their Offerings:

An offering is a themed collection of elements attractively displayed to give ready access to a selection of books, stories, poems, and illustrations from our collection of classic literature for children and the young at heart.

If you want to more incorporate something new in your homeschooling, open one of their offerings, and enjoy the bounty. It is perfect for parents who aren’t sure what to include in their morning baskets. A reading of good and beautiful literature will always enliven an otherwise dull and dreary homeschool day.

UPDATE: 25 October 2020

This page will be updated regularly to make room for more FREE curriculum finds.



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